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Gods of Boom: Gold, Gunbacks and Payments Guide

Is Gods of Boom free to play? Download, install and play Gods of Boom absolutely free. In-game currency is used to accelerate progress in the game, but all gaming features are available without it. The game has special offers, some of which can be bought for gunbacks, gold or real money. All this is purchased in the in-game store Gods of Boom. For security reasons, all purchases are made through the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Gold can be obtained during the game, for example, for completing basic or daily tasks. There are special events during which players can win gold. To keep abreast of all events, read the news in the “Mail” section or subscribe to the official game group in VKontakte. As you progress in the game, all players receive equal access to the game areas, regardless of whether they paid real money or not. Gods of boom game cheat Free Downloads.

Accidentally spent gold! Can it be returned? Since Gods of Boom is a live network game, cancellation of already committed actions will affect other players. It is impossible to return the gold to you, since your account will receive benefits for free, and this is unfair to other players. The game has a confirmation window for purchases for gold to avoid accidental spending.

What is gold for and where to get it? Gold is the most valuable resource in the game. With it, you can use special offers in the store, buy weapons and armor in the arsenal, their improvements, sets of gunbacks, change the character’s name, as well as grenades and first-aid kits. They can be purchased in the store, as well as earn by completing the basic and daily tasks in the game.

Why are gunbacks needed and where to get them from? Gunbacks are one of two in-game currencies.They are used to buy weapons and armor in the arsenal, improve them, and also to create a clan. It can also be used to purchase some special offers at the store. You can get handbacks in various ways: by completing basic and daily tasks, opening chests and winning battles, or by buying a set of handbacks in exchange for gold in the store.

All purchased gold is gone!

In-game purchases are generally non-refundable. Exceptions are possible only under certain conditions. You do not have the right to refuse the transaction or receive a refund after the digital content has been provided – from that moment the transaction is considered completed. You agree that the receipt of digital content begins when digital content (such as a virtual item) is reflected in your account or inventory, or when it otherwise becomes available for download or use.

In cases where the purchase was not provided, the support service reserves the right to block access to any content for which a return has been issued. This means that if money for 1,200 gold was returned to you, the corresponding amount of gold will be removed from your balance. If the resources were spent, you have the right to refuse to refund. If the player returns several large orders, the support team may even have to limit their access to the account. The restriction is also possible if the player purchased gold from an unauthorized seller, thereby violating the terms of use of the game.

Of course, this is unpleasant when there is no gold on the balance, but removing gold after a refund is the only way to restore the balance between the costs of the player and his gold. If the order payment is returned to you, you lose the right to the purchased item. As in a regular online game, the rules of Gods of Boom are the same for all players. This also applies to access to gold. To avoid unpleasant surprises, do not forget about the security of your device, keep it locked and never give anyone access to your account.

My purchase is canceled! If you tried to make a purchase, but your order was rejected, no funds will be debited from your account. However, the Google Play store may temporarily freeze funds on your card equal to the amount of the purchase. But do not worry! Soon this “freeze” will automatically disappear. Cancellation of a purchase may occur due to a mismatch of the name or address indicated in Google Wallet with credit card information. You can solve this by contacting the bank and specifying the information. After that, re-enter Google Payments, go to the “Payment Method” and check if the information matches.

Where can I find my purchase history?


  1. Go to payments.google.com, then log in to your Google account;
  2. Select “Transactions” to view the order history on the Play Store;
  3. Select a specific record to view the required receipt.


  1. Open iTunes on your computer;
  2. Choose a username (email address) and “Account”;
  3. Scroll down to “Purchase History” and click “View All.”

Amazon To create an order history report:

  1. In your account, select “Order History Reports”;
  2. Select the type of report in the menu, then specify the period and name of the report.
  3. Click “Request Report”;
  4. When the report is ready, you will receive an email alert. mail.

What is Experience Buff and 100% Gunbacks and how to get it? Experience Buff and Gunbacks + 100% – this is a subscription to receive a buff, with which you will receive twice as much experience and money for battles. This buff has a timer, after which its effect disappears. The duration of the action depends on the period for which it was purchased: 1 day, 7 days or 30 days.

Gods of Boom: Quests and Marathon

What are tasks? Tasks are divided into three groups:

  • The main tasks. You get basic tasks as you upgrade. These tasks are performed once. Each such task is equipped with a hint button. By clicking on it, you will be taken to a screen where this task can be performed.
  • Daily quests (dealers). Daily quests, as the name suggests, are updated daily. For their implementation, you will receive gunbacks or gold. Daily quests are available to players who have reached level 4. Please note: completing all three daily tasks brings you an additional reward, which can be seen at the bottom of the interface.
  • Tasks for victory. Tasks for victory. Starting from level 3, players receive tasks to win – to win 1, 3, 8 and 16 victories during the day (optional in a row). For each completed stage of such a task, you earn a case with items for customization. Victory assignments are updated once a day (at 10:00 Moscow time).

What is a marathon? A marathon is a unique challenge. In the marathon you get rewards for completing daily tasks in full every day. The more deals you close, the better the reward. The best marathon prizes are awarded to players who completed all daily tasks for 7 days. If on one of the days you could not complete all the tasks, do not worry. The next day, you will receive three new actions: after completing them, you will continue your progress in the marathon.

What happens if I miss one of the days? Daily tasks are updated once a day. If you do not have time to complete them, the next day you will receive 3 new tasks.

Can I refuse to perform a specific task in daily tasks? You can replace the task and get a new one in return. To do this, click on the cross in the upper right corner of the task. After watching the promotional video, you will receive a new task. Replace a daily task only once a day.

Can I refuse the main task? This type of task was introduced into the game to teach you different game mechanics, so you cannot cancel them. In addition, rewards for basic assignments are always better than rewards for realiki.

I did not receive a quest reward. What should I do? Remember that Gods of Boom keeps your progress even in the event of a disconnection or freezes. Losing a reward is almost impossible. If you are still completely sure that you have not received your reward, contact the player support team. They will check your awards journal and deal with the situation.

When are daily tasks updated? Daily at 7:00 UTC (7 AM, UTC).

What happens if tasks are updated while I’m in battle? Success in the current battle will offset the new tasks. All headshots made in it will be counted.

Is a draw considered? And if I lost, but took first place in the team? Only victories are considered.Victory will count towards each player in the winning team.

If I do not enter the game, will the marathon progress be reset? No, it will not be reset. The progress of the marathon is always saved. However, if you have completed 2/3 of the required tasks, the next day the progress of the stage will be reset, and you will need to perform all three actions again to complete the current stage of the marathon.

I left the battle, but the actions performed did not count towards the task. Why did it happen? To fulfill the conditions of the task you need to complete the battle. When you exit the battle, your progress on missions is not taken into account.

Do tasks become more complex at high levels? The difficulty of your tasks changes according to the level you have completed. At the same time, the reward for their performance becomes better.

Gods of Boom: Weapon and Armor Guide

What types of equipment are there in the game? Gods of Boom has 3 types of equipment:

  • Helmet;
  • Jacket;
  • Pants.

Helmets and pants are available perks that add certain features. The jacket has no perks.

What types of weapons are there in the game?

Machine guns. Recommended battle distance: medium. Features: a large number of rounds, unique shooting mechanics. With a machine gun you move slower than with any other weapon. When you pick up a machine gun, the notches on your sight are very diluted to the sides, and the spread of bullets is increased. To reduce the spread, shoot at enemies in long bursts. The longer you shoot continuously, the more the notches on the scope will narrow, increasing accuracy and damage.

Automata Recommended battle distance: medium. Features: good accuracy, high accuracy. Assault rifles are ideal for well-aimed players, because they have a high accuracy of fire. If you know how to aim precisely at the head, the machines will allow you to inflict crazy damage!

Shotguns. Recommended combat distance: close. Features: 3 to 4 pellets are produced in one shot. Do you like to be in the thick of things? Then this is your choice! The closer the enemy, the more damage you can inflict on him. If all fired shots hit the enemy, he will not be greeted. However, remember that the effectiveness of shotguns greatly decreases with increasing distance to the target.

Knives. Recommended combat distance: close. Features: no reload, no need for ammunition. Using a knife interrupts the firing of the main gun. Use this weapon correctly! If the enemy is already close, literally head-on with you, then take out your knife and show that it is not just called trophy!

Pistols Recommended combat distance: close. Features: comes to the rescue when the main weapon has run out of ammo. When the ammunition runs out in your main weapon, and you go to reload, then just aim the sight at the enemy so that he is in the affected area. You will automatically remove the pistol and release the entire clip, after which you will again pick up the main weapon.

Sniper rifles. Recommended combat distance: long range. Features: You can shoot only when the red circle around the sight is completely filled. In order for the circle to fill, you must keep the enemy in sight. All sniper rifles are equipped with an optical sight x2 or more, which greatly helps when shooting from afar.

Is it possible to sell weapons, consumables or transfer them to another player? Unfortunately, you cannot sell or transfer previously purchased weapons.

Is it possible to cancel a previously made improvement (weapons, armor)? The improvements you have acquired for this or that equipment are final.

What are perks? What are they needed for? Perks are unique features of weapons / equipment. Often they are able to completely change the style of your game. When choosing equipment / weapons in the arsenal, you will see several icons below – this is perks! You can read more about this or that perk by clicking on its icon.

What is the power of weapons? The power of a weapon is a combination of several parameters that in total show the combat effectiveness of a gun. Power is measured in units of damage per second.

Why are some weapons blocked? The weapon may be blocked because you have not yet reached the required level. Get levels, and new guns will become available for purchase!

How to apply skin to weapons? First you need to collect the skin from the details that can be found in the cases. Are you done? Then you can apply:

  1. Go to the arsenal;
  2. Find the weapon on which you want to see this skin;
  3. In the lower right corner will be the inscription “Skins”, click on it;
  4. In the list of skins, select the desired one and apply the image on the gun.

What are improvements? How to improve weapons / equipment? Improvement is an increase in the combat characteristics of a weapon / jacket. Before upgrading a weapon, you can find out what increase in efficiency this action will give. The green number next to the characteristic that the improvement increases indicates the increase in power that you will receive.

  • For weapons: Adds combat power.
  • For a jacket: adds armor.

New Pants for Cyber ??Fall

Gods of Boom is Cyber ??Autumn! Along with the launch of the event, new items were added:

  • Cheetah trousers: in many ways resemble Panther trousers, but at the same time they also reduce the reload time of weapons. They are available to all players for collection and use from the first level.
  • Perks: Acceleration of reloading (accelerated reloading of weapons), acceleration (increased speed of movement).

How to get Cheetah pants? This item is collected from fragments that can be obtained at the fair throughout the event “Cyber ??Autumn”.

How to upgrade Cheetah pants? Cheetah pants can be upgraded for fragments that can be obtained by participating in the fair.

Why should I upgrade the Cheetah pants? Each level improves both passive perks: increased running speed and accelerated reloading. Thus, trousers of the second level give a greater increase in running speed and reload speed than trousers of the first level. With each new level of improvement you will feel how your character is getting stronger! Get Gods of boom game cheat.

New helmet in the event “Cyber ??Autumn”

Helmet “O.K.O.” is an innovative modification of the helmet “Night Hunter” with the brand new active perk “Infrazrenie”. It is available to all players for collection and use from the first level.


  • Extra damage to the head (passive) – increased damage when hit in the head.
  • Infrasion (active) – when activated, allows you to see enemies through obstacles.

How to get the helmet “OKK”? This helmet is assembled from fragments that can be obtained at the “OK.O.” helmet fair starting from the second week of Cyber-Autumn.

What is an active perk? How to use it? Active Perk is a completely new mechanic for Gods of Boom. All previous perks were purely passive and worked on their own. When using the “O.K.O.” helmet, you yourself choose when you need to activate Infrasion. To activate it, you need to click on the perk activation button. As soon as the perk is activated, you will immediately understand this: the map will begin scanning the map with a cool effect! By the way, you can move the active perk button to any convenient place.

What does the Infrazrenie perk give? After activation for a while, all the players of the enemy team will be highlighted in red even through obstacles. After completing the action of the perk, the helmet will go to reload.The number of times you can activate a perk in a battle is limited only by the length of the battle!

How to improve the helmet “OKK”? The “O.K.O.” helmet can be improved for fragments that can be obtained at the “O.K.O.” helmet fair.

Why should I upgrade the OKO helmet? Each level improves passive and active perks: increased head damage and infrasion. Thus, the helmet of the second level increases the damage to the head more than the helmet of the first level, and also it lasts longer “Infrasion”.

Gods of Boom: Guide to the Forms and Their Change

About customization. Fireman costume, zebra mask, skin for fireworks weapon. The tailor Gods of Boom worked tirelessly since the release of the game, so that each fighter could create a truly unique style for his character. Opening the tab with the mask icon in the Arsenal, you will see four categories:

  1. Skins – in this category you can find a list of available skins for weapons in the game, check the progress by the number of fragments collected, and also see how a certain skin looks on your favorite gun.
  2. Masks – in this category you can find a list of masks available in the game, check the progress by the number of collected fragments, and also try on a mask for the character.
  3. Costumes – in this category you can find a list of costumes available in the game, check the progress by the number of fragments collected, and try on a costume for the character.
  4. Emblems – in this category you can find a list of emblems available in the game and check the progress by the number of fragments collected.

Items for customization are divided into 4 types: ordinary, rare, unique and legendary. The steeper the item, the more fragments will be needed to collect it.Please note: skins do not affect your combat performance (health, armor, damage), but only increase self-confidence and coolness!

I collected the skin for the weapon, applied it to one of the guns, but it is not visible in the list of available ones. Where did he go? If you use the skin, it becomes inaccessible to other weapons until you remove it. To apply the same skin to multiple guns, you need to reassemble it.

How can I get items and fragments for customization? For a certain number of victories per day or completing tasks, you get a reward in the form of a case full of fragments. These fragments can be used to assemble a cosmetic item that has different levels of rarity. The more fragments required to collect, the steeper the item. You can also collect whole accessories or collect missing pieces using materials.

Do cosmetic items provide any gaming benefits? Cosmetic items do not provide gaming benefits. They allow you to create a unique character or weapon style.

How to change a suit or mask? Open Arsenal -> masks / costumes -> select the item you want to wear.Replaceable mask or costume does not disappear, but returns to the Arsenal.

How to remove or change the skin on weapons? Open Arsenal -> skins -> select the skin you want to install. The replaced skin does not disappear, but returns to the Arsenal. If you want to apply the same skin to several guns, you need to collect the appropriate number of such skins.

What should I do if I get a fragment of the costume that I already have? If this happens, then:

  1. Good luck is not on your side today;
  2. Duplicates can be exchanged for useful materials!

Does the chance of getting a skin / costume that I don’t have yet increase? This is a very good question. Even if you have some kind of skin or suit, this does not mean that it will disappear from the cases. You will receive duplicate accessories that can later be exchanged for materials.

I saw someone logo that is not in the list of available. Like this? Some emblems are unique and are issued only for participation in competitions of the gaming community. Join the group on the game in VKontakte, so as not to miss the opportunity to participate in them!

Duplicate Exchange

What is duplicate exchange? Now you have the opportunity to exchange all duplicate accessories for materials. You can use materials to collect accessories that you like.

How can I exchange a duplicate accessory? Once you have fully assembled the accessory, all subsequent fragments of this accessory can be exchanged for materials.

What are materials? Materials – this is the new currency that you receive when exchanging duplicates.

Can I buy materials? No, materials can only be obtained through the exchange of duplicates.

How to get the materials? Exchange duplicates of your accessories and you will receive materials.

What can I exchange? Duplicates of emblems, costumes and masks.Attention: You can exchange fragments of items only if you have already collected this item. Once you have fully assembled the accessory, all subsequent fragments of this accessory can be exchanged for materials.

Why can’t I exchange weapon skins for materials? Because the number of skins for weapons that you can have in your inventory is not limited, and you can use the same skin on several guns.

The amount of material received depends on the quality and type of accessory? Yes. The higher the quality of the item, the more materials you will receive when exchanging. The same rule applies to types of accessories: if you exchange an epic costume, you will receive more materials than when exchanging an epic emblem.

Where can I exchange duplicates for materials? Go into the arsenal and open the accessories tab.

Can I put everything back if I accidentally exchanged an item for materials? Unfortunately no. A confirmation button was specially added to the game to prevent accidental exchange of duplicates.

What if I do not have duplicates for an exchange? How do I get materials? Earn and open cases until you begin to come across fragments of already assembled accessories.

Can I assemble any accessory I want? You can collect any item from the current collection. Collection items may vary.

If I use materials to collect the accessory, will I get the whole item or only fragments of it? You will receive the whole item. When you assemble an accessory using materials, you will be shown how much materials you need to spend to complete the item. You will spend only those materials that are needed to complete the item.

Will I lose my materials when the collection of cases changes? Of course not! Your materials with you forever, regardless of the current collection.

Sale Tab

What is the clearance tab? This is a tab in the game store, which contains all the limited offers and discounts.There you can buy masks, costumes, equipment and weapons.

Will the offers on the “Sales” tab change or will they remain so forever? Of course, they will change!The Sales tab is updated automatically every (7) days. After the update, new offers will appear on it, so stay tuned.

I already have that suit or mask, which are now on the “Sale” tab.

  • If you already have a suit / mask that are available at the sale, you will not be able to buy a second copy.
  • If you have a complete set (costume + mask), you will not be able to buy the same set on sale.
  • If you have only part of the set (mask or costume), you can buy the entire set on sale. You will receive an item that you did not have, as well as a duplicate of the accessory that was.

What will happen if I have assembled part of the accessory that I buy on the “Sales” tab? You will receive the accessory completely. Excess fragments can be exchanged for materials.

How many times can I buy an item on the “Sale” tab? Any of the items on sale can be bought only once, until the next update.

What is the level of improvement for the cannons on Sale? All guns that are sold in the “Sale” window do not have improvement levels.

Cases Tab

What it is?This is a new tab in the store where you can purchase cases with accessories. In cases you can find accessories from the current collection.

Now you can’t get cases for victory and you just need to buy them? Not! You can receive cases in different ways: buy for gold (you can purchase from 10 to 100 cases in the store), as well as receive for victories or for participating in a daily victory marathon.

Does the contents of the cases I receive for tasks and victories differ from the contents of the cases for gold? Not! It doesn’t matter how you got the case: they all have the same content.

How to open cases? There are two places where you can open cases:

  1. In the main lobby, click on the case icon (in the center top).
  2. Go to the store on the “Cases” tab and find the “Open” button.

Gods of Boom: Map Secrets and Game Modes

What is a game mode? What modes are currently available in the game? Game mode – a set of rules by which points are awarded, and winners and losers in battle are determined. At the moment, the game has the following modes: Team Battle (TDM), Capture Points (CP), King of the Hill (KOTH), Trolley (PAYLOAD), and Every Man for Himself (FFA). Other modes may appear in the future.

What is Team Battle? What are the conditions in this mode? Team Battle is a classic team game mode. Number of players in battle: 4 by 4. Time limit: 5 minutes. To win, you need to score points by killing opponents. Victory is awarded to the team that scored the most points in the allotted time (5 minutes). Also, if one of the teams scored 500 points, she instantly wins, and the rest of the time on the map is not played out. In this mode, scoring occurs only when killing opponents.

What is Point Capture? What are the conditions in this mode?

Capturing Points is a team battle with capturing points. Number of players in battle: 4 by 4. Time limit: 5 minutes. To win the battle you need to score points. The team that scores the most points after 5 minutes wins. Also, if one of the teams scored 1200 points, she immediately wins, and the rest of the time on the map is not played out. In this mode, a set of points occurs both when killing opponents, and when capturing and controlling points.

Features of the “Capture points” mode:

  • There are 3 capture points on each map in this mode.
  • A point has 3 stages: Gray indicator – a neutral point not captured by anyone; Blue indicator – a point is captured by your team; Red indicator – the point is captured by the enemy team.
  • If the point was captured by opponents, and you go to capture it, then from red it will first go to neutral (gray), and then to blue (captured by your team).
  • Captured points bring points to your team every second.
  • If the opponent has transferred a point from blue to gray, it ceases to bring points to your team.
  • Scoring begins as soon as the gray dot turns blue (captured by your team).
  • Capture of a point occurs when the bar at the top of the screen is completely filled.
  • Your team will not be able to capture a neutral or enemy point if the enemy is at that point. As soon as the enemy leaves the point, capture will be possible.
  • Points for holding a captured point are awarded to the team. In an individual account, a player is awarded points only for capturing or defending a point (if he captured it or killed an opponent who tried to recapture the point).

What is the King of the Hill? What are the conditions in this mode?

“King of the Hill” – team battle with the capture of the point. Number of players in battle: 4 by 4. Time limit: 5 minutes. To win the battle you need to score points. The team that scores the most points after 5 minutes wins. Also, if one of the teams scored 1000 points, she instantly wins, and the rest of the time on the map is not played out. In this mode, players score points both when killing opponents and when capturing and controlling a single point.

Features of the “King of the Hill” mode:

  • There is 1 capture point on each map in this mode.
  • A point has 3 stages: Gray indicator – a neutral point not captured by anyone; Blue indicator – a point is captured by your team; Red indicator – the point is captured by the enemy team.
  • If the point was captured by opponents, and you go to capture it, then from red it will first go to neutral (gray), and then to blue (captured by your team).
  • Captured points bring points to your team every second.
  • If the opponent has transferred a point from blue to gray, it ceases to bring points to your team.
  • Scoring begins as soon as the gray dot turns blue (captured by your team).
  • Capture of a point occurs when the bar at the top of the screen is completely filled.
  • Your team will not be able to capture a neutral or enemy point if the enemy is at that point. As soon as the enemy leaves the point, capture will be possible.
  • Points for holding a captured point are awarded to the team. In an individual account, a player is awarded points only for capturing or defending a point (if he captured it or killed an opponent who tried to recapture the point).

Difference of “King of the Hill” from “Capture of Points”:

  • In “King of the Hill” mode, there is only one point, instead of three;
  • In King of the Hill mode, capturing a point is faster;
  • In the “King of the Hill” mode, more points are awarded for controlling the point.

What is “Every man for himself”? What are the conditions in this mode? “Every man for himself” is a battle to the death without division into teams. Number of players in battle: 8. Time limit: 5 minutes. In this mode there are no teams, here everyone is for himself, without any rules! To win the battle you need to score points.

The player with the most points after 5 minutes wins. Also, if one of the players scored XXXX points, he immediately wins, and the rest of the time on the map is not played out. In this mode, players score only when they kill other players on the map. The place that you take after the battle determines the rewards you will receive.

Why do I constantly play in the “Team battle” mode, and the “Capture points” or “King of the hill” modes do not come across at all? Point Capture mode is available to players who have reached level 22. The King of the Hill mode is available to players who have reached level 10.

Where did the map go? At each stage of development – from concept to introduction to the game – cards go through multiple tests. When developers add a map to the game, an equally important part of the work begins – polishing and studying the feedback. These are the results of voting within the game, and the comments, and opinions shared by the authors of the YouTube video about Gods of Boom! It is your feedback that helps developers make the final decision on finalizing a particular card. Such changes are a necessary part of the development and improvement of the game.

How to choose a game mode? Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. It is likely that the ability to choose modes will appear in future updates.

What is Own Game?

In “Your game” you can create a lobby for 8 players and select a map, as well as a battle mode. To start a battle, it is necessary that at least one player is in each team. In update 4.6, the Pro Play and Home game modes are combined. You can still create “Your game” without using the Pro Play mode: to do this, just turn it off in the settings. By default, Pro Play mode is on. To create “Your game”, click on the button with three stripes next to the button “To battle!” on the home screen and select Pro Play.

Who can I invite to “My game” and how to do it? You can invite friends in the game, friends from social networks, clan comrades, as well as nearby players to “Your game”.

Who are the players nearby? These are players who are on the same network with you (connected to the same Wi-Fi). To find players nearby, connect your Google Play account and turn on Bluetooth. Other players must do the same so that you can find them.

How to create your own game? Click on the button with three stripes next to the button “To battle!” on the home screen, and then select Pro Play.Please note: If you want to create “Your game” with the usual rules (not Pro Play), do not forget to disable the Pro Play mode in the settings.

How to invite people to “My game”? To invite a player to “Your game”, click on the “Invite” button, select a player from the list and click “Invite” again next to their name.

  1. If for some reason the player is in no hurry to accept your invitation, a spinner will appear next to his name.
  2. If a player accepts your invitation, a green checkmark will appear next to his name.

We invited people to “My game”, but decided to transfer someone from one team to another. How to do it? Select a player and click on the “Change Team” button in the context menu. There you can:

  1. View player profile.
  2. Transfer a player to another team.
  3. Assign a player to a leader (after you transfer leadership to another player, you lose all privileges of the leader and control over the lobby).
  4. Drive a player out of the lobby.

He invited everyone, teams assembled. Now what? In the upper right corner you can select a map and mode. Pick a combination that you like and get ready for battle!Do not forget! In “Their game”, fighters do not receive awards (experience and ganbaksov). The number of your cups does not change after “Your game”: it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

What is a brawl? What are the rules in this mode?

A brawl is a unique event that runs every Friday for 72 hours. A weekly brawl is available for all players of level 4 and above. In this mode, you can relax and have fun, while receiving awards for passing the test! For example, trophy tokens, cosmetic cases or equipment! All brawls are interesting and unique in their own way, because each of them has its own rules, which you can read about on the main tab of the brawl.

The information you need to know before you go to a fight is important:

  • Experience is not awarded for participating in a brawl;
  • Fights in a brawl do not affect the number of cups;
  • Hanbucks are not credited for participating in a brawl;
  • Fighting in a brawl does not affect your statistics;
  • When participating in a brawl, you have the opportunity to complete the tests and get a reward;
  • Daily and basic tasks can be completed in scuffle battles;
  • In a brawl, you can always try something new without fear of consequences;
  • A sea of ??pleasure and drive – guaranteed!
  • During the brawl, you can get additional rewards for performing tests under the “contract”.

The contract. Want to get even more rewards by shooting enemies along the way or launching them in the air with your grenade launcher? Then sign “contracts” and discover new challenges!

  • You can sign a “contract” for gold in the test window during an active brawl;
  • Upon signing the contract, you will open up special trials with generous rewards;
  • The progress of the tests under the contract is counted, even if you have not signed a contract, but you can receive a reward for the tests performed only after signing the contract;
  • The tests that you receive after signing the contract can be performed only within the framework of the current scuffle.

What is a Trolley? What are the conditions in this mode?

“Cart” – a team battle with an object escort. Number of players in battle: 4 by 4. Time limit: 5 minutes. Players are divided into two teams: the attack team and the defense team. The task of the defense players is to prevent the attackers from delivering the cart to the final destination. The task of the attackers is to deliver the cart to the final destination, pushing it. If the players of both teams are simultaneously in the radius of the cart, then the cart will not move in either direction.

Features of the mode when playing as an attack team:

  • In order for the cart to continuously follow the route, there should be no defense players in its radius.
  • The cart will not move forward if there is a defense player in its radius. As soon as the defense player goes beyond the radius of the cart (or is killed), the cart can continue to move.
  • The more attack players are in the cart area, the faster it moves.

Features of the mode when playing for the defense team:

  • You need to stop the cart before it reaches the final destination. To do this, kill opponents pushing the cart, or lure them out of the radius of the cart so that they can not push it. Also, movement will stop if at least one defense player is within the radius of the cart.
  • If there are no attack players in the radius of the cart, then the defense players can approach the cart and begin to roll it back. The rollback will end if the attackers again appear in the radius of the cart.

Gods of Boom: Ranking and Leaderboard

What happened to my rating? The previous league system lacked a competitive spirit, and the rewards were not obvious, so it was decided to launch new leagues. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Old ratings will be disabled after the introduction of new leagues;
  • You will be given a place in the new leagues according to your past successes;
  • You will receive rewards for all stages of leagues that are below your current position;
  • The top 500 players according to the old ratings will receive special entries in their profiles, as well as unique emblems;
  • The top 100 clans according to the old ratings will receive a special record of their success in the profiles;
  • All players with ratings above 50,000 will receive commemorative emblems.

What are leagues?

This is a game promotion system that rewards you for military merits and shows how skilled you are.

What leagues are there? Only 3 leagues: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of them (with the exception of Platinum) includes steps. There are 3 steps in Silver and 5 in Gold. Each time you enter a new league, you get a unique logo. Each time you rise to a new level, you are entitled to a case with rewards, among which are fragments of rare weapons. The higher the league, the better the rewards.Note: Do not forget that rewards in Silver and Gold are received instantly, and in Platinum – only when the results are reset.

Silver. The first league with which all new players begin. The newcomer will have to start at step 1 and reach step 3. There are no penalties for defeats in Silver. Moreover, losers even get rating points.

Gold. League for advanced players. Fighters move from 1 step to 5. Rewards for each step are better than in Silver. Lost matches do not bring points, but do not take them away.

Platinum. The toughest and hardcore league: every defeat leads to a loss of ranking points, so the fights are very intense. Instead of steps there are marks showing where you are now in relation to other players – Top 50%, 25%, 10% and Top 500 players. This league has its own unique statistics reset mechanics. Once every 2 weeks, ratings in the entire league are reset to a value of 30,000 – this is the very beginning of Platinum. Once you open Platinum, it becomes impossible to roll back to Gold. After resetting the statistics, all players receive rewards in accordance with the successes that they managed to achieve before zeroing. Top 500 players enter the Hall of Fame.

Top 500. This is mega-prestigious and cool! If you got there, then you are truly powerful. Players who are in the top 500 at the time of the reset statistics, are in the Hall of Fame. You will also receive a special badge in your profile if you are in the Top 500 list before rating is reset.

How is the rating calculated / counted / debited? Here is a handy tablet that shows how many points you can gain or lose in battles. For example, if you, playing in Gold 2, take first place in the winning team, you will be credited with 30 rating points.

How do I claim a league promotion reward? The reward comes to you in-game mail. Take it from there, then in the main lobby, click on the widget with cases (above, in the center) and open cases with rewards!

What are the rewards for promoting leagues? For example, you move to a new league, from Silver 3 to Gold 1. In this case, you will receive a gold insignia as a reward! You will receive a special insignia every time you switch to a new league: Silver 1, Gold 5, Platinum. For promotion within the league you will receive cases as a reward; in cases you can find fragments of weapons!

Does the number of fragments that I get from the case depend on the league I am in? Of course! The higher your league, the more you will receive fragments of weapons from the case!

What is a clan rating? These ratings are updated every 2 weeks. Fight for the honor of your clan to maintain it in the top. Defeats in battles do not lower the clan’s rating. If a player leaves the clan, the rating that he made during his stay in it remains in the clan.

Gods of Boom: How to play after the update?

Combat career

A combat career is a new way to access exclusive challenges and in-game rewards. A combat career is available to all players who have reached level 5. At the beginning of each season, players will gain access to a combat career.A combat career allows players to receive rewards after reaching certain milestones in the game.

In regular battles, events and fights, as well as during passing daily and long-term tests, players will receive experience points of a combat career. In the future, combat career experience points can be used to increase the rank of a combat career. Each new rank brings free and premium rewards. Upon reaching the next rank of a combat career, each player receives the usual reward corresponding to this rank.

Elite rewards for each rank of a combat career can be obtained only if the player acquires an elite contract.Players can also purchase individual elite ranks. However, you can only buy them sequentially: if you have not acquired an elite contract, but want to get an elite item for rank 7, you will need to first purchase items from rank 1 to 6. An elite contract is retroactive. For example, if a player has already reached 10 ranks of a combat career before acquiring an elite contract, he will immediately gain access to elite items for 1-10 ranks of a combat career.Please note: the elite contract is valid only for the current season. Season 5 Elite Contract does not allow access to Season 6 Elite Items.

What rewards can I get for a combat career? Players can receive accessories: emblems, weapon skins, suits, masks, gold and even emotions, as well as equipment.

How to get a higher rank in a combat career? Participating in ordinary battles and events, as well as passing daily and long-term tests, players receive points in the experience of a combat career, which can increase the rank of a combat career. If you wish, you can also directly purchase the ranks of a combat career.Note. Rewards for long-term trials of a combat career can only be received by players who have acquired an elite contract. However, seasonal progress for long-term trials is considered anyway.

When do new sets of long-term and daily trials appear? There is a timer in each tab of the combat career menu: it shows the time remaining before updating the sets of daily and long-term tests.

How long is the season? 40 days from the start.

How to get combat career rewards? It’s not necessary to pick up rewards manually. As soon as you have enough experience for the next rank of a combat career, you will receive a reward automatically. Upon receiving the next rank, you will see a pop-up window in which your new rank and related awards will be displayed.

Are there any special rewards after the 40th rank of a combat career? There are no special rewards, but you can gain progress even after rank 40: let other players know that it is better not to mess with you! Your combat career rank will be displayed on your profile.

“Trophy cases”

What is a trophy case? The event “Trophy cases” is a periodically appearing store, the assortment of which is cases. Cases can be purchased for combat tokens that are earned for participating in regular battles (Team Battle, Capture Points, King of the Hill) during the event “Trophy Cases”.Note: Combat tokens cannot be obtained in private matches, in ProPlay mode, or in the “Against all” mode.

The contents of the cases: fragments of weapons, legendary and event customization, elite equipment and combat tokens. You can also get fully assembled weapons, but for this you need to remember to put on your lucky pants!Important! Do not forget to take your fragments before the completion of the event “Trophy Cases”, otherwise they will disappear. After the “Trophy Cases” event ends, your progress in the fragments window will be reset and will not be transferred to the next launch of the “Trophy Cases”.

At what level is the Trophy Cases event available? The event “Trophy Cases” is available to all players, starting from level 5.

Where to get combat tokens? You can earn combat tokens in regular battles during the event “Trophy Cases”.

What is the difference between cases? Cases differ from each other in the number of things obtained from them. The larger the case, the more generous the reward in it!

What types of cases are there in the event “Trophy cases”? The case can be opened for 20 combat tokens and / or viewing ads. You can view advertisements for receiving a case at most 3 times a day. Types of cases:

  • Large case – can be opened for 100 combat tokens.
  • Huge case – can be opened for 200 combat tokens.

Note. The more expensive the case you buy, the more generous a reward awaits inside. In addition, expensive cases add more progress to the scale for a super prize.

Progress Bar. In order to get 300 gun fragments, the player needs to fill out a progress bar. The progress bar is filled as the cases open and is reset after receiving fragments, which gives the player the opportunity to get more fragments during the event “Trophy Cases”. Once you fill out the progress bar scale to get the fragments, you can pick them up. If you forgot to immediately pick up the fragments and continued to open the cases, then they will go into the progress of the next 300 fragments.

How to see what I can get by opening this or that case? In the case purchase window, click on the “i” button (or on the case image itself), and you will see a list of items that can be obtained. The list can be scrolled.

How long does the Trophy Case event last? In the lobby you can see the timer on the event icon. The remaining time until the end of the event will be indicated there.

What determines the number of battle tokens earned in battle? The number of earned combat tokens directly depends on your combat effectiveness: the better you play and settle down in the final table (based on the results of the battle), the more you will get combat tokens!

I did not have time to assemble a suit / mask / weapon / skin / emblem before the end of the event “Trophy cases”, what will happen to the fragments? Do not worry: all of your honestly collected fragments will remain with you, and in the future you will be able to complete the collection of items during the events (large events or the next event “Trophy Cases”).

Why aren’t all the costumes / emblems / guns / skins / masks from previous events inside the cases? This is only the beginning of a long journey, the composition of these cases will be constantly changing, so that you will have the opportunity to collect something new or long desired!

How many cases can I open? The number of cases that you can open is limited only by the duration of the event.

What will happen to combat tokens that I did not manage to use during the event “Trophy Cases”? After the completion of the event “Trophy Cases”, all unused combat tokens will remain with you and will wait until you spend them in future events “Trophy Cases”!

How to file a complaint against another player?

A new useful feature has appeared in the game – sending complaints to suspicious players. Whenever you meet a suspicious player or a person with an unacceptable nickname, you can leave a complaint. To report a suspicious player during a fight:

  1. Click on the timer (in the top center of the screen). You will see a table with the score;
  2. Find the nickname of a suspicious player. Click on his name and select “Complaint”;
  3. A new window will open in which you can specify the reason for the complaint, as well as leave a comment.

How to complain about a suspicious player after a fight:

  1. On the screen with the final score, find the player who seemed suspicious to you;
  2. Click on his nickname and select “Complaint”;
  3. A new window will open in which you can specify the reason for the complaint, as well as leave a comment.

If you are faced with a dishonest game, feel free to send a complaint to the cheater. Please do not abuse the “Complaint” button. This can lead to unfair blocking and make the very idea of ??sending complaints against suspicious players useless. The complaints system was created to make the game more convenient, more enjoyable and more honest.

List of prohibited actions:

  1. Leave complaints about the players simply because you wanted to test the new feature;
  2. It is unfair to complain about players that you for some reason did not like;
  3. Encourage other players to leave complaints about fighters who do not violate the rules.

If you want to leave a comment on your complaint, feel free to do it. But remember: you don’t need to insult other players, make false accusations or indicate the fabricated reasons for the complaint. Use the new feature responsibly.


A new opportunity has been added to the game to replenish gold reserves, namely, “Quadcopter”. The quadcopter is available to all players of 3-16 levels. If you often play and regularly replenish your equipment, then Quadrocopter is an excellent assistant in this matter! Not only will he bring you gold daily, but he also does somersaults and flies very nicely next to your character in the lobby!

I bought a quadcopter, what’s next? Everything is very simple: when you buy “Quadcopter” you will immediately be given 200 units of gold. Along with this, a timer will start, which will show how long you can pick up the gold typed by Quadrocopter.Important: When buying a “Quadcopter” you will need to log into the game daily to collect the reward. If for some reason you miss the daily reward, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to pick it up on another day.

How long does the quadcopter work? Quadrocopter will be active for 10 days from the date of purchase. After that he will fly away.

When to pick up a reward? You can pick up the first part of the award immediately after activation. After that, a timer will start, which will show how long you can pick up the next award. Be sure to log into the game daily to collect rewards!

How to pick up a reward? When Quadcopter brings you gold, it will be available for collection. To pick up a reward, just go into the game, click on “Quadrocopter” and pick up the gold.

What is a warm up?

Ever felt like you were late for the start of a fight? For example, you just connected, and the enemy is already capturing a point or firing from key positions. A warm-up has been added to the game, which will make battles more honest for all participants.Note! At this stage, the function is only available for matches in Pro Play mode!

How does it all work? As soon as the first player joins the fight, the warm-up timer starts. The fight will not begin until 20 seconds have elapsed or until all players are loaded into battle. As soon as the warm-up is over (the timer counts to zero) or all the players are on the map, the battle will begin.

And what can you do during a warm-up? During the warm-up, players can move around the map, use equipment and shoot at opponents.Important: Equipment used during the warm-up is not consumed. Players cannot damage each other. Players cannot capture points.

How long does the warm-up last? The warm-up lasts 20 seconds. This value may change in the near future (increase or decrease).

What happens after the workout is over? As soon as the warm-up ends, all players are reborn at their starting positions and get the opportunity to deal damage, move and capture points.

Changing the characteristics of guns

In the last update, the balance of some weapons was changed. Below you will find all the information on how and why the characteristics of the guns have changed.


  • Fixed a bug in the description. Now the maximum range is indicated correctly (20 meters).
  • Fixed the position of the sight in aiming mode.

Destroyer: Fixed the position of the sight in aiming mode. Previously, in the aiming mode, the front sight did not coincide with the real sight, which made shooting difficult. Now getting into the head will be easier.

Automata Pyro:

  • Magazine capacity increased from 28 to 36 rounds.
  • Improvement cost increased by 8%.

Shotguns. Huntsman:

  1. Rate of fire increased by 5%;
  2. Improvement cost increased by 5%.

Onslaught: Rate of fire reduced by 5%. Previously, Onslaught did too much damage too quickly. Many worthy guns could not stand the duel with this shotgun. Now he behaves a little calmer, while remaining an extremely dangerous weapon at close range.

Rifles. Barracuda. Minimum damage range increased from 5 to 8 meters. This rifle was conceived for long-distance combat, so now shooting at point-blank range will not be very profitable.

Gods of Boom: How is the selection of opponents going?

What is matchmaking? Match-making is an algorithm by which players are selected for battle. It takes into account two main parameters:

  1. The location. The game tries to put you into battle on servers geographically closest to you.
  2. League. The game tries to put you into battle with players from your league.

I play with a friend, but he is below me level / league. What opponents will we come across? When searching for opponents, the game places the entire group (up to 4 people) against opponents of the equivalent highest league of the player who is in the group.Note: The maximum allowable difference in levels within a group must not exceed 13 levels.

What if my friend is in a great league from me? For example: If your friend is in the Silver 2 league, and you, in turn, are in the Gold 1 league, then you will be placed in a battle where your opponents will be from the Gold 1 league, but the rating will be received / deducted relative to your league.

Gods of Boom: Clan Guide

What is a clan? In Gods of Boom, players can join in clans, which allows them to use the help of clan members, as well as compete with other clans to find out who is the best.

How to join or create a clan? To join a clan or create a new one, you need to reach level 1, as well as undergo training. Having fulfilled these conditions, click on the “Clan” tab – there you can use the search and find an existing clan or create a new one. Clan Creation:

  1. To create a clan, you must be trained;
  2. You should also have 5,000 gunbacks – how much it costs to create a new clan;
  3. If the above requirements are met, select the “Clan” tab, then click “Create Clan”, fill in the required fields, select the logo, type and region, and then click “Create”;
  4. The player who created the clan automatically becomes its leader;
  5. After creating or joining a clan for the first time, you will complete the task “Join the clan”, for which you will receive 10 units of gold and an ordinary box as a gift.

Gods of Boom: Friends in the Game

How to add players as friends? With this function, you can add friends from social networks to the “Friends List” using their ID or simply by clicking on their account. Suppose you are familiar with a player who is cool, like shooting from a Traitor point-blank, and want to fight him, but you are in different clans. Now this is not a problem – just click on his profile and add him as a friend. On the Friends tab, you will find 5 categories: All, Clan, Friends in the Game, Facebook, and VKontakte. By selecting a category, you can view the lists of added players, as well as find out which one is online right now.

“Show players nearby” – what is it? The “Players nearby” function allows you to conduct fights with players located nearby (within a radius of 8 meters from you) if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is another way to look for rivals – look for them in the real world.

Gods of Boom: Advertising Reward

I have no option to see ads, why? Perhaps you have already reached your viewing limit, or you are currently not able to view ads. Try again later!

I have few rewards, I want more! In this case, there are draws on VKontakte and on the Discord server!There are regularly held contests with valuable prizes and all kinds of bonuses!

I watched the advertisement, but did not receive the award. What should I do? Please make sure your Internet connection is stable and restart the game. If after these steps you have not received a reward, be sure to write to the player support team!

Gods of Boom: How not to lose your progress?

Do not disclose your account details! The only way to steal your Gods of Boom account is to access your Google Play data. This short list of recommendations will help you protect your progress:

  • Never share your Google Play login information with third parties. Remember that support staff will never ask for your password from these accounts.
  • Avoid signing in to your Google Play account on someone else’s device. If you need to do this, then do not forget to log out after completing the work.
  • Gold and gunbacks can only be bought in the game or using gift cards on Google Play. Do not trust third-party sites selling game currency.
  • Sites offering free gold or game items are potential sources of danger to your game account. Do not click on the links located on such resources and do not enter your Google Play account information.
  • Do not buy game accounts. This not only contradicts the terms of the user agreement, but also is a waste of money, because after some time the seller of the account will be able to get it back even without your participation, requesting help from Google technical support.

If the trouble nevertheless happened, contact the player support team.

Can I have two accounts on the same device? It is not recommended to use multiple accounts on the same device, despite the fact that such a possibility is technically possible. If you connect more than one account on the device, this can lead to a complete loss of progress without the possibility of recovery.

Save your progress using Google Play! In order not to lose progress and all your achievements, link the game to your Google Play account! New phone, several phones, phone + tablet? There is nothing to worry about – your game will continue from the same place, because Google Play (which you can find in the settings of the Android device) automatically saves the progress in the game, and also allows you to access this data on another device or after reinstallation. In addition to this, you can always share your achievements in the game with friends and see at what level they are.Important: Google Play only supports one game profile per account! Attempting to save more than one profile on your account will result in data loss!

To connect, follow these steps:

  • Add your Google Play account in Settings (Users> Add New).
  • Return to the main screen.
  • Launch the game, click “Sign in to Google Play” and select your email address. A pop-up window will confirm the connection.

Save your progress using Game Center! In order not to lose progress and all your achievements, link the game to your Game Center account! New phone, several phones, phone + tablet? Your game will continue from the same place, because Game Center (which you can find in the settings of the iOS device) automatically saves the progress in the game, and also allows you to access this data on another device or after reinstalling the game on the current one. In addition to this, you can always share your achievements in the game with friends and see at what level they are.Important: Game Center only supports one game profile per account! Attempting to save more than one profile on your Game Center account will result in data loss!

To connect, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings, find and select Game Center.
  • Click on the Apple ID field.
  • If you already have an account, log in. If not, create an Apple ID account.
  • Return to the main screen, and then start the game.

How to reset my profile progress? Can I start the game again? Unfortunately, you cannot restart the game on the current device. However, you can start a new game on a new device using a different Google Play account. Remember that your original game remains connected to your old Google Play account.

How to transfer progress to a new device? (Android) Gods of Boom supports automatic recovery of progress. To transfer your progress to another device (Android -> Android), select your operating system and follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your game is connected to Google Play.
  2. Add the same Google Play account to the settings on the other device (Users> Add New).
  3. Launch the game, click “Sign in to Google Play” and select your email address. A pop-up window will confirm the transfer.

I purchased the device on a different platform. How can I restore progress? Gods of Boom only supports automatic progress recovery within a single platform, but don’t worry. Contact player support and provide them with the following information:

  1. What platform do you want to transfer progress from? iOS -> Android or vice versa.
  2. Make sure the game is installed on a new device.
  3. Make sure that on the device where the progress will be transferred, Google Play / Game Center is connected, depending on your platform.
  4. Write down the Support ID from both game profiles and let it know to the support team so that they can transfer your progress.

How to recover progress after reinstallation? (Android) Gods of Boom supports automatic recovery of progress. To do this, select your operating system and follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your game is connected to Google Play.
  2. Launch the game, click “Sign in to Google Play” and select your email address. A pop-up window will confirm the transfer.

Can I change the username after creating my profile? Yes! You can change the username! To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Profile page by clicking on the profile picture while in the lobby.
  2. Select the “Change Name” section.
  3. Enter a new name (3 to 20 characters). You can use Latin letters, numbers, space, underscore or hyphen to create a name.

Important: You can change the name for free only for the first time. To re-name it, you will need 50 gold bars.

How to disable notifications on the device? To turn off notifications, go to the settings menu and click on “Applications”. Now select “Application Management” and find Gods of Boom in the list. Here you will see the function to turn off notifications (just uncheck).

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